Government Relations

We build relationships and partner with our clients so we can help improve and manage their visibility and reputation:


  • Educate decision makers
  • Pass, amend or avoid legislation
  • Enhance the client’s profile among elected officials
  • Testimony Preparation
  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Meeting Facilitation

Legislative & Regulatory Public Affairs

Managing political risk is increasingly necessary for effective campaigns and issue development.
The Carnelian Group will advance your interests while preventing problems before they develop to navigate public policy on all levels:


  • Influence the regulatory process
  • Draft rules and regulations
  • Respond to promulgations and adoptions
  • Facilitate Application process for permits and licenses
  • Represent clients before regulatory boards

Community Relations

Building and maintaining strong community relationships is critical in positively promoting your
brand to stakeholders:


  • Design Advocacy action plans
  • Provide strategic counsel
  • Implement Grassroots Activities
  • manage social and civic responsibility to promote community support and good will

    Issue Advocacy

    We begin by understanding our client’s policy issues, their objectives and the surrounding politics. We will develop an outreach plan including:


    • Campaign planning
    • Political mapping
    • Media and digital advocacy
    • Campaign risk assessment
    • Drive Change Through Social Media

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Thought-leaders and influencers from government, civil society, and the private sector play a vital role in creating change. We believe in a long-term view: we are building relationships that last. Our proactive approach includes identifying diverse stakeholder groups, seeking their feedback and incorporating their feedback directly into our strategic planning process.


    • Identify diverse stakeholder groups
    • Map the relationships between stakeholders
    • Create and maintain up-to-date stakeholder lists
    • Track all stakeholder engagement activities
    • Report stakeholder engagement outcomes

    Campaign & Coalition Management

    Integrated campaigns are one of the most effective methods of making progress on complex issues. Building a coalition of advocates to echo your messages to the government and the media can help shift perceptions and achieve common goals.

    ‍We develop a holistic approach to identify and engage diverse entities with aligned interests such as:


    • Grassroots organizations and Grasstops advocates
    • Labor Union Sector
    • Elected officials
    • Business organizations and leaders
    • Policy experts and influencers

    Strategic Advice on Campaigns – Election & Issue Based

    The Carnelian Group seizes every opportunity to build trust and engagement by identifying constituencies that will affect a campaign’s or an initiative’s success. We understand that gaining insight and leveraging it, yields a high return and produces winning results. To strengthen a campaign’s message, we assess strengths and position them to be seen and heard with clarity and consistency.